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Google is changing its algorithms faster than most individuals can keep up with. Today it takes a well-trained SEO and online ad technician, who truly understands how these mechanisms work--in unison--to boost visibility as well as lead conversion.

Without a skilled ad technician, companies receive poor placement, low quality scores and outrageous prices for keyword bids. 

Download this compelling case study to see how BridgeView Marketing’s Google Certified ad and SEO technicians helped General Linen boost leads 30% year-over-year, by:

  • Continually updating SEO dependent on data analysis and seasonal demands. 
  • Developing a strategy to rule the search returns in natural, map and PPC returns--many times with 3-4 positions on the front page for each keyword.
  • Delivering compelling ads and messaging in the search returns, enabling the company to be an “authority” in the Google search returns.