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How 1 Linen Company Cleaned Up with SEO (Rinse, Lather, Repeat)

Posted by mike emerton on Wed, Aug 09, 2017 @ 13:08 PM


When General Linen, a commercial linen service with more than 4,400 customers throughout New England, needed to modernize their message, improve web presence, and boost sales, they relied on the experience, passion, and knowledge of BridgeView. The result was that General Linen’s web-based lead conversions increased from 3 conversions in 2012 to 288 conversions in 2015, putting General Linen on a course to produce 394 web-based lead conversions in 2016. How does a third generation company begun in 1938 achieve a thirteen thousand percent increase in lead


 conversions in the span of four years? The answer is BridgeView and their Google guru, Gary Brown.

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Recognizing the need four years ago that their website was out of date, Steve Marcq, General Linen’s director of development, knew the company’s site needed better formatting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). “In my world, you want the phone to ring or a form to be filled out,” Marcq said. “If Joe’s Restaurant doesn’t find us in a web search, that takes that account off the table for five years and there are only so many contracts out there.”

BridgeView’s first order of business for General Linen was to rebuild the website on the latest platform and making it mobile compliant. “At that time it was the beginning of the online marketplace for using mobile devices,” Gary Brown said. Next, the site was optimized for local search with targeted SEO content modified for each of the company’s vertical markets. “They had no SEO at all,” Brown says. “So, we started a robust SEO program for them and in May of 2013 we began a Google AdWords campaign.”

If your company is not built for social selling, your market will be narrowed and you will be left behind. “Many of the traditional marketing and sales ideas still hold true. You just need to adapt them to today’s internet environment,” said Brown. After evaluation of General Linen’s online presence, BridgeView rebuilt the website, optimized it for local search with over 300 keyword phrases enhanced with targeted SEO content and modified for each of the company’s vertical markets. Within three years, the result was an over nine thousand percent increase (9,500%) in web-based lead conversions.

Marcq said that occasionally he will have his team do a Google search. “We’re always right on
top.” And “from time-to-time,” said Marcq, “we’ll be contacted by someone specializing in marketing for our industry. After analyzing our numbers, they say they can’t do a better job for us than BridgeView based on the results we’re getting and the cost we’re paying.”

In this digital day and age, for such highly successful companies as General Linen, adapting them to today’s internet environment is crucial, or they risk sliding to the bottom of the marketplace. If remaining a leader in the new world marketplace is your company's desire, then you’ll need to connect your successful traditional ways to the successful innovations of today. That requires a connection from the old to the new. It requires public relations and relevant media outreach to deliver a well-rounded, versatile and holistic approach to lead generation. It requires BridgeView and the expertise of internet geniuses like, Gary Brown.

As Marcq said, “Not doing this isn’t an option because we’d just be left behind twiddling our thumbs and our sales people wouldn’t be signing any contracts.”

Author: Mike Emerton, Founder, BridgeView Marketing

Tags: SEO, website SEO, Search engine optimization