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3 Ways High Tech PR is Taking Video Creation From Ad Agencies

Posted by mike emerton on Tue, Jan 16, 2018 @ 15:01 PM

The differences between Public Relations (PR) and advertising agencies are becoming blurred. Use of visuals, always vital to PR campaigns, are on the rise as video in marketing is all the rage.  

Some experts predict that by 2019 video will make up 80% of all web traffic, and marketers report video brings the highest ROI. Companies that incorporate video marketing increase revenue by 49% compared to those that don’t.

In the digital world, it is not just about producing ad content for mass media consumption, it’s about developing specific messages that resonate with and engage a target audience. Here is where digital PR agencies have shown themselves to be adept, producing video content that’s as good as any traditional ad agency.


When it comes to amplifying and placing video content, the PR agency has the advantage over the ad agency. High Tech PR agencies develop content that integrates the company’s product or service across all media platforms, most importantly social media, allowing PR agencies to instantly connect with large and targeted audiences.

Show Me How Digital PR Works

Live, social media streaming used by digital marketing PR agencies bring real-time broadcasting capabilities. This allows viewers to interact with a company spokesperson, ask questions to industry expert guests, satisfied customers or other viewers. Live streaming via Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and YouTube platforms help engage loyal fans in real time.

PR is now focusing on making content that people will want to interact with and share. This is where PR firms have the advantage, because their mission has always been to “earn” attention, while ad agencies spend clients’ money to “pay for” attention.

With millennials being the biggest consumers and creators of live video, PR teams now include not only writers and directors, but also journalists, comedians, TV writers, producers, documentarians, experiential experts and designers, who help produce compelling, shareable content.

Other High Tech PR uses for live streaming, include presentations, press conferences, tours, and demos. As an example: drones equipped with Periscope can now be seen flying through convention halls giving guided tours to viewers and user-generated videos are also being employed as an easy and a cost-effective way to propagate a brand’s story.

In essence, digital marketing PR agencies are now producing video that brings key messages to life and delivers them across the earned, owned, and paid spectrum. In fact, PR agencies are better and faster at creating and promoting video content because the influencer and amplification strategies are encoded by PR agencies, using specially crafted SEO words that enhance organic searches.

Boiling it all down, here are 3 PR Advantages over using Ad agencies for producing video content:

  1. Free Coverage: From news conferences to press releases, PR is focused on getting free media exposure for the company. Advertising agencies are paid to place ads in specific spots at a specific time.
  1. Consumer Contact: Consumers tend to be suspicious when they know someone is selling them a product. With PR, when someone reads a third-party article written about your product or views coverage of your event on TV, they're seeing something you didn't pay for with ad dollars and view it differently than they do paid advertising.
  1. Media Contact: PR agencies interact with the media and develop relationships with them. Contact is not limited to in-house communications like it is with ad agencies. With PR, you're in constant touch with your contacts at the print publications and broadcast media. With ad agencies, your main contacts are your co-workers and the agency's clients.



Traditional marketing is transforming. As digital video becomes an ever increasing portion of the marketing budget, High Tech PR agencies are now realizing that due to their cross-platform integration abilities, they are now positioned to capitalize on the trend of viral storytelling. By investing in their creative and production capabilities, PR agencies can reach customers with unique and interactive broadcasts that propel free sharing of the product or service.

Remember: A testimonial from an unpaid source is almost always trusted over the source that’s paid to sell the product. Video sharing is another way of letting the product sell itself.


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Author: Mike Emerton, Founder, BridgeView Marketing

Tags: High Tech PR